Francisco Javier Iribarren

Francisco Javier Iribarren

UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center


“Latino immigrants, like many other immigrant groups, have always been part of the American dream. Many continue to live in the shadows, contributing with their hard and quiet work to America’s wellbeing and functioning. We need to ensure that social security benefits, that great American tradition, include everyone.”

Francisco Javier Iribarren is Assistant Director at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center (CSRC). He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and a masters degree in social welfare. He is also a member of the UCLA Spanish Speaking Psychosocial Clinic. His professional interests include health care, vulnerable populations (i.e., the poor and immigrants, media policy and analysis, medical informatics and community collaborations).

Prior to joining the CSRC he was a Project Director at the UCLA Center for Community Health focusing on preventing the pathways leading runaway youth into chronic homelessness. As CSRC Assistant Director, Dr. Iribarren is developing projects and collaborations dealing with evidence-based interventions and medical informatics systems, understanding health care access/disparities, media analysis and social policy, and the integration of biomarkers in the social sciences.

Iribarren is currently involved as an investigator in several funded projects: hate speech in the media (Social Science Research Council), access to healthcare among primary Spanish speaking Latinos (California Endowment), homelessness prevention (National Institutes of Mental Health), and HIV prevention (National Institutes of Drug Abuse).