Carlos Manuel Haro

Carlos Manuel Haro, Ph.D.

Assistant Director Emeritus
Postdoctoral Fellow in Residence
UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center

“My wife and I, both Latino baby-boomers, are part of that generation that prospered through education, work and service and contributed in significant ways to our nation; there remains, however, a nagging question: Will we and our compañeras and compañeros receive the benefits for our contributions to society, or will large portions of our aging Latino population be neglected?”

Carlos Manuel Haro is a postdoctoral scholar-in-residence at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center (CSRC). Retired in 2008 as the assistant director of the CSRC, Dr. Haro served as coordinator of the annual CSRC Latina/o Education Summit series from 2006-2015.  He has also directed a number of other scholarly conferences at UCLA, including “Mendez v. Westminster School District: Paving the Path for School Desegregation and the Brown Decision” (2004), “The Sleepy Lagoon Case, Constitutional Rights, and the Struggle for Democracy” (2005), and “Sal Castro and the Chicano Youth Leadership Conference: The Development of Chicano Leadership Since 1963” (2006). Dr. Haro has published on college admission policies, the Bakke decision, and school desegregation. As a postdoctoral scholar at the CSRC, he undertakes and directs specific education research projects and assists with the research and fellowship programs of the CSRC.