Center for Policy Research on Aging (CPRA)

The demographic challenges of a nation growing older and living longer are forcing Americans to confront the roles of government and the private sector in serving older adults and their families. The doubling of the 65-and-over population over the next 30 years raises a host of important policy and political issues whose solutions will require a balanced, analytical and thoughtful approach.

Established in 1997 as part of the UCLA School of Public Affairs, the Center for Policy Research on Aging (CPRA) studies the major policy issues affecting our aging society including Social Security, Medicare, long-term care, and the societal implications that accompany the aging of the baby boom generation and its parents.

In recognition of the growing diversity of the elderly population, CPRA will focus special attention on policy issues as they affect Latino, African-American, Asian and other ethnic populations. As a national, state and local resource center on aging policy, CPRA conducts research, fosters multidisciplinary collaboration among UCLA faculty, and works closely with policy makers, service providers and community groups in meeting the challenges of an aging society.

CPRA Research Agenda

The Center for Policy Research on Aging has established a broad Research Agenda within the parameters of aging policy and the “politics of aging”. CPRA is currently developing research projects that will inform debate at all levels of government.

CPRA research interests include:

  • The politics of aging in the Latino community
  • The Future of Social Security and Medicare
  • Aging Policy in the state of California
  • Policy implications of Los Angeles’ ethnically diverse elderly population
  • Strategize planning for Aging Baby Boomers
  • Global Aging, in particular Asian Countries
  • The Aging of the Baby Boomer cohort

In addition, CPRA is committed to gerontological policy education on the undergraduate levels. The Center gives students the opportunity to participate in a variety of research projects that foster the development of analytical, writing and organizational skills.

Ongoing Project: “Social Security in the Latino Communities”