New book by Dr. Fernando Torres-Gil (UCLA)
and Dr. Jacqueline L. Angel (UT Austin)

New book by Dr. Fernando Torres-Gil (UCLA)
and Dr. Jacqueline L. Angel (UT Austin)

“As the twin demographic shifts of population aging and diversity speed forward in America, it is hard to imagine a timelier or more needed work.”

– Paul Irving, Chairman, Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging

This timely and critical book takes on a new phenomenon facing the United States and poses the stark question: Will the United States be prepared by 2050, when its older population doubles and we become a majority-minority society? In the authors’ response, scholars, policy leaders, and the public are provided with the background and information that connects these two trends to contemporary public policy debates. Written with clarity and expertise, this book illuminates the changes and challenges that face the nation by concisely addressing a wide range of topics, including immigration reform, the politics of aging, and health and retirement security, and provides a glimpse of how the “next America” might look.

The authors draw on current data about longevity, diversity and the growing Hispanic population in particular, to unfold the social, cultural, policy, and political implications for an aging and diversifying population. With case studies and real-world examples, the book outlines and analyzes the possible impact of this phenomenon on issues like governance, public benefits, the long term care work force, and national security, and builds a broader framework with which to understand them. With combined experience in academia, government, and policy advocacy, the authors tackle the dramatic changes occurring across the United States and offer a road map to not only understanding but also addressing these challenges and opportunities with reason and responsibility.

Max Benavidez
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